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I give below some sites which may be helpful to students of Shakespeare, or to anyone with an interest in Shakespeare for whatever reason. I cannot vouch for the quality of the sites linked to here, and surfers must decide for themselves what is of most benefit to them, as indeed they will do, without my insistence. Happy hunting!


Shakespeare texts are widely available, for example from :  


Project Gutenberg

Texts of Shakespeare are based on a standard edition of c.1900.

Oxford Text Archive

Most of the Shakespeare texts are freely available. Simply search the archive for the text you require.
  For Shakespeare Concordances I recommend that viewers do their own search. I have tried in the past to have a list of sites, but unfortunately they seem to change URLs or become suddenly unreliable or non-existent. This results in broken links on this web site which causes it to be down graded by Google and other search engines. The last time I searched (26 Feb 2007) there were at least six concordances freely available on the internet.    

The Plays of William Shakespeare.

The Electronic Literature Foundation's presentation of the Plays

The Folger Library Washington DC

A vast collection of Shakespearian material, much of it online.

Check on line for links to this site.

A guide to Hamlet and other plays.

A friendly site with plenty of information. Also has links to many other interesting sites.
    London as it was: views of old London Bridge. London Bridge As it was in Shakespeare's day, circa 1600  
  A photographic facsimile version of the 1609 quarto.          

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London Bridge   as it was in Shakespeare's day, circa 1600. Views of London   as it was in 1616. Views of  Cheapside  London, from a print of 1639. The Carrier's  Cosmography.   A guide to all the Carriers in London.  As given by John Taylor in 1637. Oxquarry Books Ltd









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